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Four new classrooms are to be constructed at the Muschett High School in Trelawny by the Ministry of Education.
This was announced by Education Minister, Andrew Holness, at the school’s graduation ceremony on July 3.
“Very soon this school will be off shift and it is the plan of the Ministry of Education to take off the 112 schools that are on the shift system. Those schools that we can expand we will be expanding, but inevitably we will have to build more schools,” the Minister said.
The welfare of a school, Mr. Holness said, should be everybody’s concern, noting that the students, teachers and parents had a role to play in the making of a school.
“The school is a reflection of the community, so if you want a good school then you have to be a good community. You have to participate in the life of the school and the most important thing that you can do as teachers, as parents and as community members, is to light that fire of self expectation,” he told members of the audience.
Turning to the graduates, the Minister charged them to hold high expectations of themselves as they go out into the world to pursue whatever positive dreams they had.
“I am confident. I am optimistic that Jamaica has a bright future. I am confident that we will conquer our crime and violence problem. I am confident that this country will grow economically and these persons here who are graduating today will find jobs. I am confident that Jamaica will be the place that we all know it is and where we all want to live, work and grow our family,” he said.

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