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Staff and students at the Golden Spring Basic School in St. Ann have expressed gratitude to members of the Jamaica Basic School Foundation in London for their invaluable contribution to the development of the institution.
Board Chairman of the School, Custos Radcliffe Walters, told JIS News that the school was in a rebuilding process and the assistance of the Foundation has helped tremendously.
“With the contributions from the Jamaica Basic School Foundation in London, we were able to re-roof the building, improve the sanitary facilities, complete the kitchen and install a storage tank,” he informed.The Golden Spring Basic School, located between the towns of Claremont and St. Ann’s Bay has 20 students on roll and two teachers.
Principal at the school, Desrine Wilson-Ferron, told JIS News that the school was established in the early 1950s by Mrs. Rose Cox.
“Our school is a Christian-based school, so we try to establish and teach our children Christian principles. We also have a hot lunch programme here and so our students are able to access a hot meal for four days each week,” she said.
Mrs. Ferron, who has been principal for 20 years, said the school has never failed to prepare the students for the primary education system.
“We make sure that our students complete the early childhood programme and when we send them off to the primary school, we are confident that they are ready to take on the lessons there. We have had commendations from teachers in the primary schools and this tells us that we are doing a good job here,” she said.
Mrs. Ferron also thanked members of the Foundation in London for assisting the school.
Custos Radcliffe told JIS News that despite the many needs of the school, the teachers have been performing a great task in molding the minds of the students in their care.
“We would like to expand on the building here and make our staff and students more comfortable. Our immediate needs include a playing area for the children, another bathroom, office space and a ceiling for the roof,” he said.
He is appealing to the residents of Higgin Town and other nearby communities to support the Golden Spring Basic School and allow their children to access quality early childhood education.

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