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Work done by five year-old Jamaican born Tristan Taylor has been included in the Jubilee Books Children’s Writing Anthology 2004.
Tristan’s work, which is in the ‘How I help at Home and at School’ section of the anthology, tells how he helps other children in his classroom to tie their laces and is accompanied by his drawings.
Tristan attends Childric Primary School in New Cross, South East London.
His mother, Delores Heslop told JIS News that she was very proud of Tristan’s achievement. She said he was a very bright child who liked reading, and had a very enquiring mind.
“He is always asking questions and I always have to read to him. Tristan also likes school and really enjoys learning new things,” she said.
Tristan was youngest of the children who recited the Jamaican National Pledge during the High Commission’s annual Independence Service of Praise and Thanksgiving last August.

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