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The policy for the development and sustainability of the fisheries sector is now complete and is undergoing final review. This was disclosed by State Minister for Agriculture and Lands, Victor Cummings in the House of Representatives yesterday (July 3), during his contribution to the 2007/08 Sectoral Debate.
Mr. Cummings pointed out that this is the first official policy for the fisheries industry, including aquaculture in Jamaica. “It is looking at the long-term development and sustainability of our fisheries industry,” Mr. Cummings noted.
The new policy targets six major areas including: capture fisheries; monitoring, control and safety at sea; aquaculture; social and economic development of the sector; hygienic standards, processing, marketing, international trade of fish and fish products; and the institutional capacity in the fisheries and marine sectors, including data collection, research, and education.
The Minister also informed that drafting instructions for a new Fishing Act was completed and is expected to come before Parliament by the end of the current financial year.
“Highlights of the Act include more stringent regime of penalties and fines, aquaculture regulations, importation of live fish, high seas fishing regulations, elaboration of fishery-specific management plans, mandatory provision of data and information and others,” Mr. Cummings outlined.

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