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Prime Minister Bruce Golding heaped praise on the visionaries who made the Cuban-sponsored eye care clinic a reality and which was officially opened today (January 27) at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston. Mr. Golding said that the clinic is an example of how developing nations can bring first class projects together.
“We may not be admitted into the first world, but we can provide first world, first class service to each other. If together we pool our resources, we can be of assistance to each other in the development and achievements to which we all aspire,” said Mr. Golding.
He noted that the clinic, which is the result of co-operation between Cuba and Jamaica, was the expansion of a previous Cuba/Venezuela eye care agreement. When fully operational, the clinic will serve the entire English Speaking Caribbean.
“We tend to think of this kind of assistance as coming from countries that are advanced; rich, developed countries that have the capacity to extend this kind of helping hand.. What is really noteworthy is that they have shared what they have with us and I really want to express our profound appreciation to the Governments of both Cuba and Venezuela for the enormous outcome that has resulted because of this co-operation.”

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