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Improvement work is being carried out by the National Water Commission (NWC) on water supply systems in eastern Portland. These projects were inspected by Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Dr. Fenton Ferguson during a tour on Friday, September 1.
The tour followed a similar visit to western Portland by Dr. Ferguson on Friday, August 18.
Several communities of the parish have been experiencing inadequate water supplies due to faulty pipelines or disruptions caused by flooding, landslides and other natural occurrences.
Among the areas toured were Snow Hill, Norwich, Port Antonio, Anchovy, West Retreat, Fellowship and Stanton.
Speaking at the end of the tour, Dr. Ferguson commended the NWC for the effort it was making to improve water supplies to the people of Portland, as it pursued its mandate to make water available to every household in the country in the shortest time possible.
Dr. Ferguson pointed out that upgrading work has been carried out on 11 water supply systems in Portland since April of this year.
He noted that extensive work has been done in Fairy Hill in Eastern Portland to improve the supply system in that area, adding that similar work would be done within a short time to improve the service to other communities.
The State Minister said that special attention was being given to the community of Islington, which has been experiencing a water shortage for some time, adding that plans were in place to install a 100,000-gallon tank in that community to serve the needs of its residents.
Turning to other areas of development in eastern Portland, Dr. Ferguson said the NWC would also be implementing a water supply improvement project in the Reach community, in which five kilometres of pipeline would be laid to provide water for the residents as well as the tourist attraction of Reach Falls.

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