Student, Jowanna Allen, of Warminster Primary School in St. Elizabeth, who got her placement at Hampton School in Malvern in the parish, following the release of the 2020 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) results, on June 26.
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Parents and guardians across the parish of St. Elizabeth are celebrating their children’s positive results in the 2020 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) assessment.

Students’ placement and scores became available on Friday (June 26).

For parent, Basil Brown, it was like a dream come true when he heard that his 12-year-old son, Jahmani, who attends the Holland Primary School, was placed at Munro College, which was his first choice.

“I am very happy and right now, I am going to buy him a laptop as a gift,” Mr. Brown tells JIS News.

He says that although he expected his son to perform well in PEP, the official news was still heartening, as his little boy worked hard and also had the support of teachers and his mother.

“He was always on top doing well and I expected him to pass for one of those top schools. His mom, Mauvette McCrae, is the coach [and] she is very bright,” says Mr. Brown, who is also the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) President at Holland Primary.

“Now, I want to equip him in every way to make it possible for him to move forward because, as you know, going to Munro [College], it is a higher level of training and you have to be on the ball,” he adds.

Over at Warminster Primary School, Jowanna Allen and her mother, Elaine Grady, were in high spirits. The 12-year-old was placed at the all-girl Hampton School, at Malvern in the parish.

Ms. Grady tells JIS News that she was instrumental in supporting her daughter and had her ready for PEP.

“I supported her all the way and encouraged her. I ensured that she did her homework and sent her to do her research whenever [the school] asked her to,” Ms. Grady points out.

She notes that two days before the results became public, an aunt had asked little Jowanna where she thought she was going, “and she said ‘Hampton of course’.”.

“So, the family feels good about it (the placement),” Ms. Grady says, as she looks forward to the new school year.

Goshen All Age School student, Tanesha White, is heading to Bishop Gibson High School for Girls, situated in the town of Mandeville, Manchester.

Tanesha White of Goshen All Age School in St. Elizabeth, who was placed at Bishop Gibson High School for Girls in Manchester, following the release of the 2020 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) results, on June 26.


Her grandaunt and guardian, Deloris Hodge, praises the school in helping 13-year-old Tanesha to stay focused and achieve her dream.

“The school was right behind her and teachers were there for her. She could go to the teachers whenever she wanted for any kind of help,” Ms. Hodge tells JIS News.

“When I got the news I was thinking ‘Great!’. She did so well even with the pandemic going on. So, I was so happy and pleased for her,” she adds.

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