Student of Howard Cooke Primary, Jaydean Scott (left), shares a moment with her mother, Veronique Beckford -Scott. Jaydean has been placed at the Montego Bay High School for Girls, in St. James, as outlined in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) results on Friday (June 26)
Photo: Serena Grant

When the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination results were announced on June 26, and Jaydean Scott of Adelphi, St. James, was placed at the Montego Bay High School for Girls in the parish, she was overcome with pride.

In an interview with JIS News, 11-year-old Jaydean, a student of Howard Cooke Primary School, said her passing to attend the Montego Bay High School for Girls was a dream she had not only worked hard for but manifested.

“The Montego Bay High School for Girls is one that grabbed my attention from a very young age, so I was overjoyed to hear when my teacher said I passed for that school. When she said that, I fell to the floor and started crying, because I was so happy,” Jaydean says.

“I wanted to go to Montego Bay High because it is a school from which many stars have come and I want to be a star that the school can look at [in the future] and say this is a product of our hard work. Also, I want to make my mother proud,” she adds.

Young Jaydean lauds her teacher, Tameka Allen, for ensuring that she, along with her classmates, remained focused on the tasks at hand and achieved their PEP goals.

“We are a very talkative set of children, but she dealt with us and every evening she would do extra lessons with us from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., sometimes even later,” she notes, adding that the educator’s patience in ensuring that her students grasped subject area concepts was also key to her success.

Jaydean also emphasised that at home, her parents, particularly her mother, Veronique Beckford–Scott, who is a trained teacher, took her preparation for the exams seriously.

“My mother bought me a mind builder book, and she would give me the work from it,” she says.

Jaydean also informs that she did vigorous extra lessons at the Somerton All-Age School, which is located just a stone’s throw away from the Adelphi community.

An active member of the Good News Church of God in Jamaica, in Adelphi, Jaydean participates in everything and is beloved by her church family.

In this vein, young Jaydean tells JIS News that aspects of her faith, especially reading the Bible, were instrumental in her PEP preparation.

“I think the Bible [in particular] played an important part [in my preparation], because it is something that can be hard to read and understand, but once you understand the Bible I am pretty sure you can understand anything. When you can break down the Bible and figure out what it is saying, I think that is the real preparation for PEP,” she says.

Jaydean tells JIS News that she expects to continue her trajectory of excellence when she gets to Montego Bay High School.

For her part, Jaydean’s proud mother, Mrs. Beckford-Scott, tells JIS News that she was elated when she heard that her daughter was placed at Montego Bay High.

“Our neighbour actually passed my house and asked if we were over there watching a football match, because we were screaming [so loudly],” she says.

“I was confident that Jaydean would get to attend the school of her choice, but based on how everything transpired due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a little nervousness was there, but we overcame that, and we were elated to find out that she got the school of her choice,” she adds.

Mrs. Beckford-Scott says the high expectations she has of her daughter will remain intact as she transitions to high school, and she will continue to ensure that she plays her role in maintaining the consistency of her daughter’s academic excellence.

“She knows I expect nothing less than the best from her, and as a parent I don’t just depend on the teachers, I do my part, because I believe schooling starts at home and if you do not train your child in that way, then school cannot help them,” she notes.

Mrs. Beckford-Scott says that while Jaydean’s grade-six teacher must be commended, all the teachers who taught her daughter at Howard Cooke Primary, particularly those who taught her in grades four and five, contributed to her success.

Results from the grade-four literacy and numeracy exams done in 2018, coupled with the grade-five PEP performance task exams done last year, and the grade-six ability test done in February of this year, were used to place students, who were slated to sit the PEP exams, in high school this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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