Overall top-performing Primary Exit Profile (PEP). (Contributed Photo) examinations student at the Corinaldi Avenue Primary School in St. James , Dwayanna Hines.

The Corinaldi Avenue Primary School in St. James continues to be a juggernaut among educational institutions in Western Jamaica, as the school is celebrating yet another year of outstanding passes in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations.

Of the 236 students who sat the exams, some 206 passed on pathway one, which is the top tier of the PEP examinations. Twenty-five students passed on pathway two, while five students passed on pathway three.

Overall top-performing student at the institution, Dwayanna Hines, scored 126.7 points in the examinations and was placed at Herbert Morrison Technical High School in the parish – her first choice.

In an interview with JIS News, she stated that she was “very shocked because I did not expect it at all”.

The 12-year-old noted that the exam did not seem hard while she sat it.  However, she was still not sure she would excel at the level she did.

Young Dwayanna said that her parents are elated and shocked that she is the top student, as while she does well in school, she is very reserved in nature.

Her father, Dwayne Hines, told JIS News that he always encouraged her to do her best. He, however, noted that while he knew she did well in school, he was shocked to find out that she was the overall top student.

“I did not expect that, not at all, because some days when they are there in [online] classes, I had to be pushing her to participate, she is quiet and shy, so I didn’t expect this at all, I was shocked when [the acting principal] called me, I am still overwhelmed [by the news]; it’s a good feeling,” he said.

Mr. Hines says he hopes that his daughter becomes more sociable and open at her new school.

Meanwhile, Corinaldi Avenue Primary’s top-performing boy, Christopher Anderson, who garnered 124.9 points in the exam, told JIS News, without hesitation, that he was not surprised by the outcome of his test results. Christopher was placed at his first-choice school, Cornwall College in St. James.

Top-performing boy in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations at the Corinaldi Avenue Primary in St. James, Christopher Anderson (centre), with his parents (from left) Christine and Andrew Anderson. (Contributed Photo)


He noted that he had a point to prove, as he did not do well in the grade-four exams and needed to excel in the grade-six sitting.

Young Christopher noted that preparation for his exams included “staying up late [to study] or going on websites to find mental ability questions and practise them to become better”.

The 12-year-old said that he chose Cornwall College, as it has a great reputation in academics and in sports, both in which he excels.

His mother, Christine Anderson, told JIS News that she was “elated, because I have always believed in him, and I am always pushing him that he can do it”.

Mrs. Anderson also thanked the teachers and staff at Corinaldi for helping to “mould her son into the boy he is now”.

Grade-six teacher for both top students, Shelly-Ann McNab-Smith, told JIS News that Christopher is a rounded and dedicated student.

As for Dwayanna, Mrs. McNab-Smith said that she is a very bright student, but is somewhat reserved.

Meanwhile, Acting Principal of the school, Deon Stern-Anglin, stated that despite the challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have performed exceptionally well.

Acting Principal of the Corinaldi Avenue Primary School in St. James, Deon Stern-Anglin.
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