JIS News

Parish Manager for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) in St. Ann, Pedro Worghs, is appealing to farmers in the parish to register with the Agro Business Information System (ABIS) programme and become active participants in the fight against praedial larceny.
“To date, we have registered a total of 12,617 farmers for the programme, out of which some 12,372 have been verified,” Mr. Worghs told JIS News, noting that there was still an outstanding number of farmers who were yet to be registered.
The ABIS system, he assured, was not a form of taxation but was designed to assist farmers in the marketing of their crops and to eliminate praedial larceny. He emphasized that persons who were not registered with the system would not be able to purchase farm receipt books.
“Without your receipt books, you will be having serious difficulties in trading your farm produce. You will encounter problems when moving from one section of the parish or one section of the island to another with farm produce,” he reminded farmers, pointing out that goods would be confiscated if farmers were stopped by the Police and did not have their receipts as proof of purchase.
He said that the programme was doing very well in some areas of the parish, such as Alexandria and Cave Valley, “but in an area such as the Claremont extension area where, to date, we have verified 2,484 farmers, we still believe that a far greater number of farmers are still to be registered”.
Mr. Worghs is encouraging farmers in the parish to make contact with their respective extension area office – St. Ann’s Bay, Brown’s Town, Claremont, Alexandria and Cave Valley – and become registered with ABIS.