JIS News

PORT ANTONIO — The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) held its fifth Farmers' Market in St. Mary at the Trinity boxing plant, in Pt. Maria, on April 2.

As was the case with those held previously, patrons turned up early for the event in an effort take advantage of reduced prices on offer for the crops in the market.

Over the past two months, the farmers' market has become a regular feature of RADA in St. Mary, as it has been in a number of other parishes. They provide an opportunity for farmers to sell the excess produce  that  are reaped in the various communities.

Among the provisions in great demand at the market were Irish potatoes, cabbage, carrot, sweet pepper and pumpkin.

In an interview with JIS News,  RADA Marketing Officer for St. Mary, Alfred Dunkley said the market had achieved the same level of success as those held before.

He reported that  approximately 17,000 tons of produce were sold during the day, with a total of  22 farmers participating and 1,100 persons making purchases.

Noting that all the produce brought to the market had been sold, Mr. Dunkley said this was a clear indication that the event was serving its purpose of enabling farmers to sell their produce.

Citing the participation of  farmers  from St. Mary and St Ann, the RADA Marketing Manager commended them for the co-operation and support they have been giving to  the  initiative, and encouraged them to continue  to  produce.