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The Accident and Emergency area at the Falmouth Hospital has been given a face-lift by members of the Falmouth Rotary Club.
The work included retiling of the floors and repainting of the walls of the building.
Acting Parish Manager for Trelawny Health Services, Anthony Smikle told JIS News that she was pleased with the work done, and that upgrading the institution was a positive move, as several development projects have been slated for the parish.
“One major project is the Greenfield site for the World Cup Cricket games which will be held in the year 2007. We have started to look at how this will affect the Falmouth Hospital as well as the Health Department at large. We have envisioned that the Accident and Emergency section of the hospital will be upgraded to accommodate a certain level of service in terms of emergencies,” he said.
He pointed out that the National Health Fund had played an important role in assisting in the rehabilitation of the institution, as sections were severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.
“We have been experiencing a lot of positives here at the Falmouth Hospital and this is one of the many pluses for us. The increase in the User Fees has helped us tremendously, and we are working to ensure that the funds are being used in the most effective way,” he said.
Mr. Smikle congratulated members of the Falmouth Rotary Club for the work they have been doing in Falmouth and the wider community, and urged them to continue to help in the positive development of the hospital. “The Trelawny Health Services is committed to providing quality health care, delivered efficiently and affordable in a pleasant surrounding,” the Acting Parish Manager said.

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