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Opposition spokesman on Justice, Delroy Chuck has proposed that hotel construction, which is ongoing in thriving tourist resort towns, should be extended to other towns as every parish had a desirable coastline on which hotels or convention centres could be built.
Making his Budget presentation in the House of Representatives on Wednesday (April 21), Mr. Chuck said, “I dream of many more hotels adorning the eastern and southern coasts, most of which are just as attractive as the western and northern coastlines”. He suggested that theme parks could be developed that would cater to tourists and residents alike. “With our rolling mountains, rivers, reefs, falls and striking landscape, we should have no difficulty developing attractions,” he remarked.
Mr. Chuck said Port Royal should be developed into a major tourist attraction and that Kingston, particularly downtown, should be returned to its former glory to attract visitors. The North East St. Andrew Member of Parliament pointed out that the problem of unemployment would be largely resolved as in the short term, construction jobs would be available to activate the labour force and make young persons in particular more constructive.
He also mentioned that the island’s airports would experience a boom in traffic, adding that the national airline would need more employees to accommodate the increase in arrivals. “If we develop the whole of Jamaica to make it accessible and attractive for tourism, the benefit to the economy would simply be astronomical,” he stated.

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