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A number of activities have been planned by the Portland 4H Clubs in celebration of the 66th anniversary of the 4H Clubs movement in Jamaica.The activities which are being planned by the Portland 4H Advisory Council will be held as part of events to be conducted across the country in observance of the occasion.
Clinton Brown, Parish Development Officer for the Portland 4H Clubs told JIS News that the activities began with an awards presentation and prize-giving ceremony for 4H clubbites and leaders at the Old Port Antonio Marina on June 16, and will include a gospel concert to be held in November featuring a number of top gospel singers; a walkathon to raise $100,000 to boost 4H training programmes in the parish; and a one week exhibition which is also to be held in November at the Portland Parish Library in Port Antonio. The exhibition will feature the programmes activities and operation of the 4H organisation in the parish. He said the activities would culminate with the parish achievement day exercise in April 2006, adding that that event would be specially planned to feature the contribution made to the organisation by past 4H members, in addition to highlighting the activities and projects of the clubs in the parish.
Informing that the Portland 4H Advisory Council would be working closely with several organisations in the parish in planning the events, he said the entities with which there would be close collaboration included the College of Agriculture Science and Education (CASE), the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).
Declaring that all 47 4H clubs in the parish would be fully mobilised to help plan the events, Mr. Brown said the clubbites were enthusiastic about the celebrations and were looking forward to fully participating in the events, which would give them a significant opportunity to showcase the talents they had developed through their membership in the organisation.

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