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The cleaning of the Simon Gully drain in the community of Enfield has been designated as this year’s parish Labour Day project for St. Mary as preparation for Labour Day activities gathers momentum in that parish.
In an interview with JIS News, Coordinator for the St. Mary Labour Day Committee, Jeanette Rose-Bryan said the parish project was one of 45 community projects so far registered with the Committee for implementation as the people of the parish joined with other Jamaicans to put work into Labour Day.
Stating that the parish project was carefully chosen to enable St. Mary to identify with the national Labour Day theme ‘Prepare for Disaster, Recover Faster’, she said the choice was very appropriate as the drain was severely clogged and as such has been a major cause of flooding in the Enfield Community, whenever it rained heavily.
Noting that the choice was very timely in view of the closeness to the 2005 hurricane season, Mrs. Rose-Bryan said the parish project was complimentary to a larger drain cleaning effort being undertaken by the St. Mary Parish Council.
Turning to other Labour Day projects in the parish, she said they included activities such as the repairing of community facilities including schools, police stations and community centres, the repainting of pedestrian crossings, the bushing and beautification of communities, building housing for the indigent, the cleaning of fire hydrants and the construction of playfields.
Noting that these projects stretched across several communities in the parish, she said she was thankful to the people of the parish for the positive response they had been giving to the Labour Day effort, and expressed gratitude to the various government and non-government organizations which had given their support and assistance to ensure the success of the day’s activities.

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