Education Week Message from Minister of Education

I use this medium to laud all the stake holders of the education system, as we commemorate 2012. This year’s commemoration is of particular significance, as we celebrate the 50th year of our country’s independence.

As we celebrate this milestone of our political independence, we are cognisant of the strides we have made in the education sector.  We are indebted to all those who have contributed in the various capacities – teachers, students, parents, the private sector, non-government organisations, service clubs, boards of management of institutions and civic –minded citizens.

Whilst recognizing the contribution of those in the formal system, i must give recognition to the mammoth tasks being undertaken in the non-formal institutions of learning particularly by care-givers. Those of us charged with the responsibility of the education of our

Children must do so with love, care and respect. We must touch lives in a positive way and ensure the protection of our children from abuse.

We have faced challenges as a nation, and the education system has been a part of these challenges.  But, governments over the years have responded to minimize the challenges.  It is for us as government to advance the partnership approach in providing for the nation’s education. And in this regard, the contribution of the church as an equal partner must be underscored.  The Jamaican education system has historically benefitted from the partnership with the church must be solidified.

I hasten to identify the invaluable service provided to the ministry of education by the Jamaica teachers’ association. The tasks of strengthening, reforming and building would have been more difficult without the level of understanding displayed even as the association advocates for its teachers.

As a member of the United Nations, we have achieved the millennium development goals set for education. We have achieved universal primary education, and there is no gender inequality at the primary level of the system.

It is therefore, fitting to say that “we are celebrating and building on the legacy”.

May god continue to bless the education fraternity and Jamaica land we love.

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