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The Education Task Force established in February by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has submitted its final report. The report was presented to the Prime Minister at a meeting at Jamaica House on Thursday (Nov. 11).
In addition to the report, the Task Force headed by Chairman of the National Council on Education and Principal of the University of Technology Dr. Rae Davis, also presented a number of short-term recommendations that would lead to an immediate improvement in the delivery of education. Governance and management, stakeholder participation, curriculum development and finance were the key subject areas covered by the report.
Mr. Patterson thanked the members of the Task Force for their hard work stating that the Report provided a solid platform to launch a transformation of the entire education system. “To achieve this will require a significant increase of resources to improve and expand the physical plant as well as the curriculum,” the Prime Minister said.
As a consequence, a sub-group involving representatives from the Task Force as well as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Planning Institute of Jamaica has been established to determine a financing mechanism for the implementation of the recommendations. The sub-group is expected to present its report to the Prime Minister by the end of January 2005 in time for consideration of the Annual Budget.
Present at Thursday’s meeting were Minister of Education Maxine Henry-Wilson, Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Omar Davies, Minister of Information Burchell Whiteman and members of the Task Force.

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