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The Ministry of Education will be reaching out even more to primary schools as of September this year, as it will be providing the books that are required for each grade of every school.

Minister of Education, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, made the announcement as he addressed a Students’ Academic Achievement Awards Ceremony, held at the Cambridge Primary School, in St. James, on June 3.

“It will be possible for teachers to indicate a few books that we do not provide from the Ministry of Education, but which overall, are necessary for the particular subjects in the grades, and those books will be bought by your parents, not the long list of the past,” he pointed out.

He emphasised that parents and guardians will not be asked to buy books that are not absolutely necessary or that will be partially used.

"Also, we are going to tell you the parents when a book is needed, whether it is needed in the first term or the second term, so that you can manage your budget and you can manage your funds,” the Minister said.

He pointed out that books that will be on the prescribed or approved list will be published for public knowledge, and they will not attract General Consumption Tax (GCT), if purchased at the school.

Addressing the topics of numeracy and literacy, the Education Minister appealed to teachers and guardians to place emphasis on the grade four tests that are coming up this month, noting that although the Jamaican language is loved by all, it is necessary that proficiency be acquired in the English Language.

He also highlighted the importance of Mathematics in the 21st Century, adding that it is the gateway to science and the way forward for Jamaica.  

Approximately 81 students were recognised and awarded for their achievement of an 85 per cent and over average during the school year.

According to Principal of the institution, Mr. Causwell Harvey, the awards ceremony, dubbed “Honour Roll”, and which has been in place for four years, is recognised as the major plank of the students incentives and awards component of the school improvement plan, and has proven itself to be very effective.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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