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The Ministry of Education has received some 10,000 copies of the popular version of ‘Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan’, from the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).
The booklets, which were handed over to the Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness, at the Ministry on January 4, would be distributed to public schools islandwide.
Making the presentation, Director General of the PIOJ, Dr. Gladstone Hutchinson said the Vision 2030 popular edition will allow young people to “appreciate the ways in which we want our Jamaica to be – one that is inclusive and one that allows for all of their aspirations to be realised.”
He thanked the Minister for having the vision to introduce it to the schools “and reaching out to all of our young people.”

Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Dr. Hutchinson (second right)and Communication Specialist in the PIOJ’s Plan Development Unit, Carmen Miller, discuss the contents of a copy of the popular version of ‘Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan’, following a presentation ceremony at the Ministry of Education’s head office in Kingston, on January 4, where Dr. Hutchinson handed over 10,000 copies to be distributed to public schools islandwide.

In his response, Minister Holness said the booklet contained very important knowledge and information relating to Jamaica’s development.
“Development is not just a plan, it’s not just an idea, it is a frame of mind, and we have to get our teachers and our students in the frame of mind for development. This will certainly give a good frame in which to place their minds,” he said.
Speaking at the launch of the popular version of the plan in October last year, Deputy Director General of the PIOJ, Dr. Pauline Knight, explained that the PIOJ recognised that there was need for a popular version of the main plan, which consisted of 410 pages, that was tabled in Parliament, in 2009.
“There needed to be a document which, more concisely and succinctly, captured the essence of the plan and in addition, was more appealing to and easily understood by the man in the street,” Dr. Knight said.
She noted that the 88-page booklet was informative, interesting, spiced with graphics , “and served with cultural bytes to make it tasty and easily digestible.”
“The beautiful photographs of familiar scenes and personalities, buildings, landscapes and cultural tit-bits are all designed to make the plan come alive for you,” Dr. Knight added.
She said that the Vision 2030 Jamaica popular version was ideal for use by anyone who needed to obtain the key elements of the plan, at a glance. She noted that the document highlighted the vision, guiding principles, core and transformational values that would drive its implementation.