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Minister of Education and Youth, Maxine Henry Wilson, has informed that plans to modernise operations at the Ministry was in full gear, with some 400 desktop and laptop computers recently acquired.
Cabinet, in May of this year, approved the award of a $25.5 million contract to Management Control Systems Limited for the supply of the equipment.
Mrs. Henry Wilson, who was speaking to JIS News in a recent interview, said that the acquisition of the equipment would improve operations in the Education Ministry, noting that a complementary information and communication technology (ICT) training programme was now in place.
“Our objective is to make a modern Ministry in terms of technology. We have an ICT plan and that plan envisages not just the wiring of the Ministry, but also all our senior officials will have access to.laptop computers,” she said.
The Education Minister added the initiative would also improve data management and access. “Our records are enormous so we believe that electronic storage will allow us to access and store data, and be able to manipulate them on a timelier basis, both for planning and for services,” she indicated.
Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Maria Jones, told JIS News that the improvements were part of the process to transform the Ministry into a more policy-focused entity, in keeping with the recommendations of the National Taskforce on Education.
With a more policy-centered focus, Mrs. Jones explained, “the Ministry will guide and set the standards that the rest of the system will implement”, while “the operations of education will .be done at the local level in regional agencies and in other kinds of autonomous agencies operating under the Ministry”.
She noted that the transformation process would also include improvements to the buildings at the Ministry.

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