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Education Minister, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, has pledged to provide the Balaclava High School in St. Elizabeth with the support needed to bring about improvement in performance.

On a visit to the school on February 29, Rev. Thwaites told the students that they should not limit themselves but should strive always to achieve the best.

The visit formed part of the Ministry’s efforts to encourage those schools, which are deemed to be underperforming, to strive towards greater achievement.

“God did not create any failures,” the Education Minister told the students. “In fact, you are so strong and so full of abilities in all kinds of different fields. Some of you will excel in the classroom, some of you on the football field, some of you in the performing arts. Do not let anybody call you or your school a failure,” he said.

He further encouraged the students to seize the opportunities given at the school, adding that the teachers were ready to help them frame their ambitions and channel their efforts.

“Many of us (the students) might not be able to do all of the CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate) subjects that others do, but if you’re in electrical installation, data processing, plumbing, carpentry, home economics or cosmetology or any of those things, do it to the fullness of your ability to meet your ambitions,” he urged.

Noting that the students have a great future, he stressed the need for them to believe in themselves and the fact that their school is of worth.

“If anyone tells you that Balaclava is of no worth, tell them that the Minister of Education visited and brought his entourage with him to say that Balaclava is a worthwhile school and that you (the students) are going to make it even more worthwhile by your ambition and efforts,” Reverend Thwaites said.

Accompanying the Education Minister on the visit to the institution were: Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Grace Mclean; and Acting Chief Education Officer Clement Radcliffe.


By Aldeen Campbell