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With the shortage of water and electricity affecting many persons islandwide, Education Minister, Maxine Henry-Wilson has given the go ahead for students to wear casual clothes to school, while these problems are properly sorted out.
The Minister made the disclosure at a press briefing yesterday (September 15), at the Office of the Prime Minister.
“I know that parents are very concerned about what their children should wear to school in the absence of electricity and water, so we have to be flexible with rules governing uniforms,” Mrs. Henry-Wilson said.
She noted that while the system would allow casual clothing, the institutions would not be totally tolerant, as parents should ensure that their children wear modest attire to school.
“In our definition, this would include shoes and socks. The girls should wear a skirt or modestly fitting pants along with a blouse. The boys of course, would wear regular pants and shirts,” she said.
“We do not want to have inappropriately attired children at school,” the Minister cautioned.With the passage of Hurricane Ivan last weekend, the widespread shortage of electricity and water has adversely affected homes and schools across the island.

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