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Plans are well advanced for this year's staging of the annual Montpelier Agricultural and Industrial Show, which will be held on Easter Monday (April 9) on the Montpelier grounds in St. James.

The event, which is being organised by the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) in partnership with the St. James Association of Branch Societies, is expected to cost

$2.28 million. Organisers anticipate that the 2012 show will be the best ever with more attractive displays and the largest crowd of supporters and patrons.

President of the JAS and chairman of the show’s planning committee, Glendon Harris, said seed funding has already been provided to all the JAS branches “so that they can begin to prepare and enable their displays to represent their best efforts”. 

“We will be going all out this year.  At this stage, the grounds are about 97 per cent ready for the show, as well as electricity and water,” he stated at the official launch held on March 28 at the Sunset Beach Resort in Freeport.

Mr. Harris said the livestock display is expected to be the biggest yet, with the YS Falls Farms and the Montpelier Research Station participating.

“The Montpelier Research Station will be joining us to show off their wide range of animals and other products and for the first time in many, many years, we will be having the YS Falls Farms under the leadership of Dr. Wellington and his champion Jamaica Hope cattle on display. With that in view, we had to extend the livestock display stalls, by putting on another 500-square feet, in order to be able to host the number of cattle expected,” he informed.

Mr. Harris said the organising committee is looking forward to putting on a spectacular show that would encourage and motivate more persons into agriculture and livestock farming in particular.

He said it was also important that the event engages and entertains the entire family and “as a result, we are taking steps to ensure that our ‘kiddies’ village this year will be very captivating …and that parents will be assured of the safety of the areas for their children.  I want to have our displays more attractive and motivating to the youths, as they are going to be our focus again this year."

The JAS President informed that the organisation is on a path of re-organising, re-branding and re-focusing and encouraged all stakeholders to support these efforts and the upcoming show, which will be used as a catalyst for the launching of plans for farmers and the JAS.


By Glenis Rose, JIS Reporter