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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has disclosed that the Government will shortly be implemented an e-learning project to support the delivery of education. Mr. Patterson said the project which will be developed by the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology will form part of the transformation of the education system and will therefore be anchored by the Ministry of Education.
In making the disclosure on Thursday (March 3) at the official opening of the new Frome Technical High School in Westmoreland, Mr. Patterson said the e-learning programme would, among other things, assist with the remedial programme at grade seven. This would enable students entering high school to successfully make the transition from primary to secondary level education.
Mr. Patterson said the technological revolution in education would begin with the Ministry of Education at the cutting edge of technology. He said the programme would also involve the retraining of teachers in areas such as the use of interactive technology, to allow them to teach students move effectively.
The Prime minister in his address, reminded parents of their responsibility for the education of their children. He said while Government has a mandate to ensure access to education for all, this was a shared responsibility and parents should be held accountable for the level of support they provided their children.
Turning to the increase in school violence, Mr. Patterson urged students to think before they act. He reminded them that violence does not solve problems and encouraged that they at all times seek the advice and help of their guidance counselors and teachers in helping them to solve their differences.
The Frome Technical High School is one of 17 basic, primary and high schools to be built in Hanover, Westmoreland, St. James and Trelawny under the north West Jamaica Schools Project. The school was constructed at a cost of $285 million and has a capacity of 1400 students. Facilities include a twenty-two station computer lab, a library equipped with Audio-visual equipment and a Media Resource Centre.

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