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Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Dr. Fenton Ferguson has said that $500,000 has been allocated to undertake a drain cleaning and road patching programme in the Four Paths community in Clarendon.
“Instructions have been given as it relates to the cleaning of the drains in the Four Paths area and I can assure you.that while we all hope to see the start of 2005, I can comfortably predict that the silt and debris that the drains are now caught up with, will not be there in 2005,” he said.
Dr. Ferguson was addressing the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in that community last night (December 16).
He said that the official correspondence would be done today (December 17), authorising the National Works Agency (NWA) to commence the project.
In a JIS News interview, Charles Learmond, Member of Parliament for the Southwest Clarendon, said the funds would be used to clean four major drains in the community as well as to carry out minor road patching in the Four Paths square.
The work is expected to begin on Monday, December 20 and should last for approximately two weeks.

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