JIS News

Double Deuce Jamaica Limited, a new agro-processing company, which opened recently in St. Thomas, will create employment for a number of residents of the parish, while providing a ready market for the farming community.
It will also promote Brand Jamaica through the export of authentic, high quality Jamaican products such as fruit juices, canned ackee and breadfruit slices.
In an interview with JIS News, owner and operator of Double Deuce, James Chong, informed that the company will be targeting markets in New York and Canada and plans are being implemented to penetrate the United Kingdom market.
In terms of benefits to the farming community, Mr. Chong said that currently, all raw materials needed to produce the items, which include mango and carrot juices and fruit punch, are being supplied by farmers from the parish.
Mr. Chong told JIS News that he has had contact with small farmers, who are interested in becoming suppliers, and as such, a coordinator has being hired to manage the production schedule of these potential suppliers. He noted however that “we will need more than what the current suppliers can provide and as we grow, then the group of farmers will also grow.”
Interested farmers, he pointed out, must ensure that all products to be supplied, are of a high and consistent quality. “The farmer’s responsibility is to provide us with the best quality material and our responsibility is to pay them immediately in order to maintain consistency,” he said. He indicated that his long-term goal is to acquire land in order to grow the raw material needed.
In terms of employment, Mr. Chong said that the factory, which is located in the Yallahs Industrial Complex at Poor Man’s Corner, employs 10 to 12 full-time workers and will utilize in excess of 70 persons at peak production, especially during the ackee season.
“Our intention is that when the ackee season finishes, we will have other products that we will be producing throughout the year. We intend to make our factory all year round ensuring employment for most of the staff,” he indicated.
In the meantime, Mr. Chong told JIS News that he chose to set up the factory in St. Thomas because of the potential of the parish.
He said the resources of the parish have largely been untapped, there is an abundance of raw material, people are willing to work, and land and factory space are accessible.