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Some $5.5 million is being spent to repair and expand the auditorium at the Dinthill Technical High School in Linstead, St. Catherine where Hurricane Ivan destroyed the building’s roof last September.
Principal, Dennis Clarke told JIS News that the project was being financed with funds provided by the school which had been collected over the years through fund raising efforts. “We are very fortunate that the school had done a number of fundraising activities and we have a few accounts that have extra funds in them. We will be using that,” he informed.
Mr. Clarke said the new structure would be 72 ft by 60 ft instead of the previous 60 ft by 60 ft building. He explained that a permanent stage and two changing rooms to accommodate performers at cultural functions organized by the school would be installed. Work began in January and is being carried out by contractors Williams and Associates Limited.
The Principal said prior to the hurricane a decision had been taken to change the structure of the roof because the previous one did not allow for “natural ventilation and lighting.” He noted that during the summer the building was extremely hot and was inadequate to accommodate the student and staff population, especially at general assembly or other school functions.
“So when Ivan took a portion of the roof we decided that we would not repair it to the original design, but will change the design,” he added.
Additionally Mr. Clarke said, the building, which is used also as an examination centre, was to be completed by the beginning of next month for the school’s mock examinations and the Caribbean Examination Council exams in May.
He also disclosed that there had been plans to purchase another school bus but the school had decided to forgo these plans until the auditorium was completed. Mr. Clarke added that the comfort of students was important and the bus currently being used could serve the institution for another year.

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