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The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), organizers of the 2006 Denbigh Industrial and Agricultural Show, have partnered with the Road Safety Unit to make road safety a feature of this year’s show.
Speaking with JIS News, Paul Clemetson, Director of the Road Safety Unit, said that patrons could expect a host of exciting activities from the Unit.
“We will be very involved in Denbigh this year,” said Mr. Clemetson. “You can expect a lot of excitement and a lot of new features.”
According to Mr. Clemetson, these features will include a fully constructed pedestrian crosswalk complete with electronically operated pedestrian signals. This crosswalk, he said, would be used to give daily demonstrations on proper road safety practices.
“We will have live electrically operated pedestrian signals and we will be demonstrating the correct use of the pedestrian crosswalk. There will also be fliers that speak to the proper use of pedestrian facilities,” he informed.
Mr. Clemetson also mentioned that there would be a special emphasis on tyre safety. “The Road Safety Unit will have a tyre corner.where there will be mounted tyres. We will illustrate proper checking of tyre tread depth as well as proper testing of the inflation of your tyres,” he said.
The Director went on to say that a special tyre mascot would be present to interact with patrons and assist in the distribution of tyre pressure gauges, which would be provided to patrons courtesy of the Jamaica Automobile Association.
Mr. Clemetson mentioned that persons, who viewed the Road Safety Unit display, could look forward to a number of games and giveaways. “There will be a wheel of fortune and a ring of fortune and “people can participate in these games, and if they are successful, they will win a gift,” he said.
Chief Executive Officer of the JAS, Lawrence Madden, told JIS News that the issue of road safety was relevant to farmers, who had to travel long distances to take their produce to the market.
“We want to look at travel on the highway especially since we are commuting from country to town,” he said. According to Mr. Madden, farmers needed to take stock of “the tyre gauges that one needs to use, the proper inflation for tyres (and) if you are carrying agricultural produce to the market.the importance of checking the tyres and so on.”
The 2006 Denbigh Industrial and Agricultural Show in May Pen, Clarendon will run from Saturday, August 5 to Monday, August 7 under the theme: ‘Advancing Rural Development through Agriculture’.

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