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As the government continues to encourage a culture of tax compliance, persons with outstanding liabilities are being urged to make payment arrangements with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).
“We are aware of the difficult economic times.the approach is to come with your proposal, and an ability to pay statement will be done, and a legal agreement will be signed between the tax office and the taxpayers. You can speak with the collector, your assistant commissioner for the region, and commissioner,” Acting Director General of Tax Administration, Mrs. Viralee Latibeaudiere, implored.
She said that for taxpayers who are having extreme difficulties, collectors are willing to work out payment plans, and that once an agreement is signed, persons must stick to the agreements. “If you’re unable to do so, you should communicate with the tax department, because there are enforcement actions that follow that arrangement,” she said.
Mrs. Latibeaudiere was speaking recently at a forum on the findings of the 2010 Doing Business Report, highlighting the importance of tax compliance.
She urged persons to keep their payments current, to avoid interest and penalties. “Please note that even in an agreement stage, when it is signed, interest and penalties continue to accrue, so the more quickly you discharge your liability, the less will be the payment of interest and penalties,” she pointed out. Mrs. Latibeaudiere said based on the interest and commitment shown, the Minister of Finance may afford a full or partial waiver of interest and penalty.
Meanwhile, she noted that partnerships have been formed with other agencies to enable taxpayers more ease and option of payments. For example, since May of last year, a cashier from the IRD has been stationed at the Police Officers’ Club to collect the Firearm Licensing Fees. There is also collaboration with the Island Traffic Authority, in the provision of a point of sale payment facility at the Swallowfield Depot, in Kingston, which allows persons to pay their certificate of fitness, and driver’s licence examination fees.
She pointed to the e-services facility done through Jamaica Tax Online, where Tax Compliance Certificate applications can be done, and General Consumption Tax returns ‘e-filed’. The Tax Administration Department’s website has also been re-designed to make it more user-friendly, and tax forms are available online for download. “The expansion of the e-service is continuing. There will be the capability of e-filing and e-payment of statutory deductions and PAYE taxes,” she noted.

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