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National Performing Arts Festival award winning traditional music and dance group from Clonmel Primary and Junior High School in St. Mary, ended a successful 10-day visit to the United Kingdom (UK) this week, with a call at the Jamaican High Commission.
The group was in the UK at the invitation of the Jamaica Cultural Association and the Black History Month Foundation of the Birmingham City Council. Their performances and workshops were some of the activities in Birmingham to celebrate Black History Month. The visit was sponsored by the UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund.
Neville Hibbert of the Association told JIS News that the decision to invite the group was to enhance Birmingham’s Black History Month programme and to show the richness of the traditional Jamaican culture.
“We found out that Birmingham wanted to focus on Jamaica during Black History Month, but we were concerned that the focus was too narrow and did not reflect the richness or the diversity of the true Jamaican culture,” he said.
The Clonmel group, along with their teacher and choreographer, Janette Walters, and Lynnette Richards of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), had a busy tour in Birmingham, performing and holding workshops at more than 14 schools and colleges in the area.
Both Miss Walters and Miss Richards said the visit was very rewarding and that the students were well received.

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