JIS News

Communities previously served by the Gayle Post Office in St. Mary will be able to access their mail and any other postal services at the Port Maria Post Office, and their pension at the Lucky Hill Post Office in the parish.

The new arrangements, which are temporary, have been implemented due to the destruction of the Gayle Post by fire on Sunday, August 5.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the Post and Telecoms Department, Kathy Ann Yetman, told JIS News that a permanent location will be identified by the third week of August, adding that the new location will be used until a new structure is built in Gayle.

Some of the communities affected include Cascade, Warwick Castle, Stewart Mountain and Labyrinth.

“We had vaults, so all valuables are usually locked away, but, at this moment, we are still doing assessments to find out what was lost, and what would have been saved, and how we go about redistributing those,” Miss Yetman said.

She said the staff would extract items that are still in good condition and send them to the Port Maria Post Office for customers to collect.

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