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The Cumberland All-age School in Clarendon now has a new computer laboratory, which was constructed and equipped through the efforts of the community, with the assistance of government and private sector interests.
Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Omar Davies, in his remarks at the commissioning ceremony held on Wednesday (May 9), said that “what having this computer means to this school and the students, is that you have no reason at all to feel inferior to any other student anywhere in Jamaica, as you are being exposed to the same quality of education as obtained at other institutions.”
He told the teachers that even as they try to stay ahead of their students in terms of the grasp and use of the computers, “expect that the students will pick up on the technology much quicker than you and don’t be ashamed to also learn from them.”
State Minister for Housing, Transport, Water and Works, and Member of Parliament for North Western Clarendon, Richard Azan, thanked those who “took their time to start this project on Labour Day two years ago, also to the many companies and groups such as Kingston Wharves and Minister Davies, who gave us the first ton of steel to start the building.”
Mr. Azan promised that within a short time the lab would be provided with Internet access and air conditioning units.
Grade six student Nikoya Forbes, who was among the first students to use the new computers, said that the acquisition of the equipment was a “dream come true.””I am looking forward to learning as much as possible so that I can do much better here at school and make everyone proud,” she said.

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