Crop Research & Plant Protection Programmes Get $6 Million

The Crop Research and Development and the Plant Protection programmes in the Ministry of Agriculture have received $6 million for research activities.
The allotment was made in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure, which were tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (March 31) at Gordon House.
Of this amount, the Crop Research and Development programme has received $4 million for research leading to improvement in the quality and productivity of a variety of plants and crops.
Under this programme, three subprojects will benefit. They are field crops, which, is aimed at improving the yields of the field crops such as, melon, legumes, tomato, herbs, spices and sorrel.
Also to benefit is the Roots and Tubers subproject which will receive $1 million of the funds to conduct research activity relating to germ-plasm maintenance and production technologies for cassava, sweet potato and yam.
The other subproject to benefit is the Orchard and Horticultural Crops, which received $2 million. The project is aimed at developing and improving varieties of orchard and horticultural crops as well as pumpkin, scotch bonnet pepper, papaya and lychee.
Under the Plant Protection programme, $2 million has been allocated for research activities into pests and other disease that affect crops and apiculture. Two subprojects are to benefit under this programme. They include the Plant Protection project and the Beekeeping project.

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