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Jamaica’s heritage, culture and food are on display at Royal Mail’s ‘One World Week’ event, being held to celebrate multi-culturalism and diversity in the United Kingdom (UK) postal service. The activity is being staged at Phoenix Centre, Mount Pleasant, in London, England.
The Jamaica Information Service (JIS), the Jamaican High Commission, Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI), gave support to the Jamaican section, which was co-ordinated by Carol Shonibare. The section also received support from some UK-based Jamaican companies. The Jamaican stand featured research pamphlets on the island’s history, culture and food by Matthew Phillips, Dennis Warren and Glen Morgan.
The official opening ceremony on June 2 featured bagpipes, African drumming, popular Jamaican comedian, Ping Wing; Indian dancers and a range of other cultural presentations focussing on the heritage and background of employees of the Post Office.
Jamaican High Commission’s Community Relations Officer, Delores Cooper, who was one of the guest speakers, commended Royal Mail for facilitating the event.
“Jamaica is a multifaceted nation that does not willingly fit into any particular stereotype. Jamaica is about creative industries, Olympic glory, investment, education, technology and much more. This showcase is just a small part of our island’s rich and diverse history and culture. I am pleased that Jamaicans working within the postal service have chosen to share this cultural wealth with their colleagues, as this can only lead to greater understanding and friendships,” Mrs. Cooper said.
She added that Jamaicans have been, for many decades, loyal, dedicated and hard working members of the British Society.
“They (Jamaicans) rallied to the call for help to defend the ‘motherland’ during times of war and came willingly to help with the rebuilding process, following World War Two. There is no doubt that the presence of Jamaicans in this society has enriched it,” Mrs. Cooper added.

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