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Head of the International Institute for Social, Political and Economic Change, Dr. Jaslin Salmon, has challenged Councillors of the St. Catherine Parish Council to give even greater assistance to the poor, in the drive to further reduce the level of poverty in the parish.
Dr. Salmon said that available data had revealed that there has been a gradual reduction in the level of poverty in the island over the last 15 years.
He was speaking at a recent panel discussion at the St. Catherine Parish Council in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, organised by the Council in observance of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17.
Dr. Salmon told the Councillors not to be complacent because of the decline in poverty, but to assist in contributing to an even greater level of reduction of poverty in the island.
“Poverty is simply a situation where people do not have enough of the basic necessities to survive,” he said.
In an interview with JIS News, Secretary/Manager of the St. Catherine Parish Council, Michael Morris said the discussion had empowered the Councillors to go back into their communities with a renewed vision.He said that the Councillors would have the support of the Council, which would help with “training, guidance and focus”.
“Councillors have to now see themselves as social workers and go into the communities to bring about a change in the lives of people who are in need of assistance,” Mr Morris emphasised.

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