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A number of corporate sponsors recently presented cheques valued at $216,000 to the National Youth in Agriculture Committee for the staging of the 2005 National Youth in Agriculture Day.
The event will be held at the Denbigh Showground in May Pen on July 30 as part of this year’s Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show.
At the presentation ceremony held recently at the Hope Gardens headquarters of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Bridgette Williams, Coordinator of the National Youth in Agriculture Programme, explained that the day would feature the achievements of young people involved in agriculture, as well as competitions in public speaking, essay, poster and food technology contests; agricultural quiz, a teacher’s incentive award and school farm competition.
She noted that these competitive events, which have been held since 1998, “serve to sensitize the youth about the importance of agriculture and ensure their participation.”
The National Youth in Agriculture Day is a joint undertaking of the National Youth in Agriculture Committee and RADA’s School’s Agricultural Programme, and is one of several competitive events, which is designed to encourage increased youth participation in the sector.
According to Miss Williams, the efforts of the two organizations have seen the provision of a revolving school garden loan, from which more than 60 schools have benefited to produce 80 litres of honey, 10,000 dozen eggs and 60,000 kilograms of meat. More than $5 million in revenue have been generated from these efforts.
Meanwhile, 32 students have been assisted to pursue training in agriculture, with three students pursuing degrees at the College of Arts, Science and Education (CASE) in Portland.
In his remarks, Albert Shand Executive Director of RADA, expressed gratitude to the companies for their support.
“We have to view it as a contribution towards a greater good because by doing this, it is a significant contribution towards preparing our nation for production in a successful efficient way in the future,” he said.
He noted that it was important to ensure that young people were exposed to the intricacies of agriculture as a profession. “We are in an age where computerization is more or less taking over and the farmer is no longer the person who we see with a fork and a machete . we have to prepare the other generation so that generation is adept at utilizing the technology available for meaningful and productive agricultural pursuits,” he stated.
The corporate sponsors for the National Youth in Agriculture Day are: RBTT Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Capital and Credit Merchant Bank, National Housing Trust, Coconut Industry Board, Jamaica Agricultural Development Foundation, EcoJamaica, Development Bank of Jamaica, National Commercial Bank, Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited, United General Insurance Company and AgroGrace.

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