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The Chinese have responded positively to Jamaica’s request for assistance in the construction of a Convention Centre in Montego Bay and the establishment of China Town on Princess Street in Downtown Kingston. The request for assistance was made by Prime Minister P. J. Patterson during bi-lateral talks with Premier Wen Jiaboa of the People’s Republic of China at the start of his official visit to that country on Monday (June 20, 2005).
Following on the bi-lateral talks, technical officers from the Jamaican delegation and China’s Ministry of Commerce met for initial discussions.
The Chinese Government will assist Jamaica in devising the concept for China Town. The planned development will form part of the overall Urban Renewal Programme for Downtown Kingston. Princess Street, a commercial street dominated by Chinese businesses has been identified as the location for the development.
In outlining the importance of China Town, Prime Minister Patterson said that the time had come for Jamaica to have a visible and tangible monument that represents the friendship between the two countries. Mr. Patterson said that although Jamaica established diplomatic relations with China in 1972, the Jamaica/Chinese connection began long before when first Chinese settlers came to Jamaica from over 150 years ago. The Prime Minister said that they had contributed significantly to all areas of the country’s development but especially in the area of commerce. The Jamaican Prime Minister said that the Convention Centre and China Town would be appropriate monuments of this friendship.
The technical officers of the Urban Development Corporation and Cabinet Office will continue to work with Chinese on these two developments.

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