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Once again, as a nation, we are preparing for another landmark event in our country’s history. Those of us who have been members of this chamber are fully aware that we must give account of the service that we have provided during our tenure as parliamentary representatives and for some of us, as member of the political directorate. We know that as representatives, with the best of intentions, we were not able to fulfill the expectations of our constituents. What is important is that we made the best efforts and that we have given paramountcy to service as distinct from self. The best judgement that could be made of us is that we served with a clean hand and a pure heart, that our integrity remains in tact and that we worked to create and preserve peace among the people in the communities we represented.
Robust dignified campaigning free and fair Pledge from my organisation – Campaign with dignity, great energy
“We are in it to win”
Even as we prepare for these elections, we have many to thank, for it would not have been possible to have survived the rigors and vicissitudes of political life without their support.
Our Faith – that someone bigger than ourselves provides us with guidance and leadership and held our fate in his/her hands.
Our families – endured much; provided a nurturing context.
Our friends – advice, listening ear.
Our officials who offered advice and … many of whom shared with us the vision of making Jamaica a better place for all.
My minister of State – a fount of wisdom, experience and patience
My permanent Secretary and the officials
My personal staff – shared my insistence that we should always aim for the highest levels of professionalism as we pursued the people’s business.
I can proudly state that during my tenure I worked with the communities in St. Andrew South Eastern to determine how together we could bring sustainable improvement to their lives. Many were provided with assistance for life saving prescription medicine and for medical assistance, housing repairs… these were all important. But for me and for them, it is the emphasis on education the development of the mind that will allow them to have a better option on their lives.
Housing Units at Monaltrie on Norwood Avenue and Rose Hall Lane.
Planned Units for Swallowfield
Continue to work to bring similar benefits to Arnold Road
Refurbishing of eleven (11) basic schools
Refurbishing of other schools
Meal grants for basic school
Support for training of teachers and caregivers especially to pursue early childhood modules and diplomas
Collaboration with private sector to enhance quality of delivery especially at early childhood levels
Education grants – school fee supports at all levels
Book grants
Infrastructure – water mains, urban electrification programme, sanitary facilities
Sports – multipurpose Court in Swallowfield
Summer Camps
Planned – establishment of Learning Centre in Swallowfield
Lift up Jamaica – repair of gullies and drains, zinc fence removal, refurbishing of community facilities
Worked relentlessly with Peace Management Initiative (PMI) to bring peace to our communities
Operate on the proven adage – real empowerment means teaching a man to fish rather than having to constantly give him a fish.
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