JIS News

Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill today (July 15), signed two contracts to further the expansion and upgrading of the Norman Manley International Airport.
In keeping with the Government’s thrust to implement a 20-year three-phased Capital Development Programme at the airport, Tankweld Special Projects was awarded a contract in the sum of $60.6 million for the demolition of existing structures and to erect wood-framed tunnels into the airport’s departure concourse, while the second contract valued at $36.4 million, was awarded to Zimmcor Limited to install glass wall cladding.
Speaking at the contract signing, held at the offices of the Ministry of Transport and Works on Maxfield Avenue, Minister Pickersgill urged the contractors to complete the work on time. The projects should be completed in mid-September.
“Let me urge the contractors and project managers to do everything to complete these works on time and within budget, with a minimum discomfort to persons using the airport,” Mr. Pickersgill said. Detailing the work to be done by Tankweld, the Transport Minister explained that the contractor was required to erect three wood-framed tunnels for use as public corridors into the airport’s concourse.
He added that the contractor was also required to demolish, cut up and remove the folded plate canopy, up to the east side of the Tower block.
By utilising these measures, he said public discomfort would be minimised in terms of noise and dust nuisances. The contract further calls for Tankweld to fabricate and supply all steel materials for the check-in and waving gallery; and to erect steelwork at the check-in area and waving gallery in preparation for the installation of roof and decking.
Under the terms of its contract, the Minister informed that Zimmcor was “charged with the responsibility for the design and engineering, supply and installation of 408 square metres of glass curtain wall for facade.to effectively enclose the existing departure concourse”.
Zimmcor will also be responsible for the installation of 100 square metres of glass curtain wall to the western end of the waving gallery; and to supply and install two sets of curved sliding doors.
The Minister said that expansion works currently in progress at the Norman Manley International Airport and the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, were intended to ensure the continued development of the country’s two major air transportation centres.
Jamaica’s two airports employ 13,000 persons directly and indirectly and economic activity is estimated at $15.2 billion, which is equivalent to 5.6 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).