JIS News

The Jamaican Consulate in Miami has opened a ‘Hurricane Ivan Relief Fund’ in collaboration with the Wachovia Bank in Florida.
Monetary donations can be made at any Wachovia Bank, account number 2000023606489. Checks can also be mailed to the Consulate General at 25 Southeast Second Avenue, Suite 842 – FL 33131.
Meanwhile, several Jamaican community groups and businesses have collaborated with the Consulate to assist the island’s relief effort and these include Air Jamaica Limited, Jamaica Tourist Board plus a number of shipping companies, churches and charitable associations.
There have also been donations from international organizations and public officials in Miami have pledged to help in the island’s recovery programme.Consul General, Ricardo Allicock, has commended the Jamaica community for its quick response to the government’s call for assistance and noted that the government had collaborated with the private sector, non governmental groups and civic society in the reconstruction process.
The Consul General has been invited to meet with Jamaican associations and corporate leaders in Orlando and West Palm Beach next week, to establish coordinated relief efforts in those communities.

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