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The National Works Agency (NWA) will begin constructing a new Yallahs Bridge in St. Thomas next year, Chief Executive Officer of the NWA, Ivan Anderson, has said.
“Design work is underway. We have just completed the soil investigations in the river to establish the bearing capacity and the foundation.for the bridge. We expect that early next year, we’ll see the shipment of the new materials for the bridge being brought in and hopefully by the latter part of next year the actual construction will start,” Mr. Anderson said at a recent press conference in Kingston.
In the meantime, the NWA has completed emergency repair work on sections of the temporary bridge over the Yallahs Fording. The temporary bridge, which was constructed by the NWA and Highway 2000 contractors, Boygues Travaux Publics shortly after the passage of hurricane Ivan, sustained some damage from heavy rains over the last few weeks.
Mr. Anderson gave the assurance, however, that the bridge was still safe for use.
“We continue to monitor the situation. If it becomes a situation where it is dangerous for traversing, then we’ll immediately have it closed and revert to the alternative road through Easington,” he informed.Meanwhile, the NWA has engaged the services of consultants to develop a “design for river training works from Easington to the sea”.

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