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Ground is to be broken this year for the construction of a hospital in Portmore.
This was disclosed to JIS News over the weekend by Mayor of Portmore, George Lee.
He pointed out that an agreement was being worked out for the building of a 200-bed hospital for the Municipality, at a cost of US$40 million.
“We have had extensive discussions with a company from the Cayman Islands and have developed a Memorandum of Understanding, and by the end of April, the company should complete all the requisite surveys and studies which would be handed over to the Municipality,” he said.
The idea for a hospital has been discussed at several community meetings, Mr. Lee said, and the residents have responded positively. However, the Mayor stressed that before the conclusion of an agreement, several other public hearings would be held to gain the widest possible public view on the matter.
“The Caymanian company has been carrying out surveys with citizens to determine the type of hospital required and the services to be offered and a report is expected by the end of April which would guide further actions,” Mr. Lee said. He pointed out that about 70 per cent of persons surveyed were in favour of the hospital, with some residents expressing concern about the cost of the health services to be provided.
“As a minority joint venture partner in the project, the Municipality will have some say in the matter of prices, so persons should not have to worry that they will be left to the mercy of the majority shareholder to charge freely. The hospital, although a private one, will have several public features,” the Mayor said.
In the meantime, Mr. Lee said the Ministry of Health was being kept abreast of all developments.

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