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Two computers, a scanner and a laser printer have been installed at the Golden Grove JAMAL Learning Centre in St. Ann, for members of staff and 52 students to learn computer skills.
The pieces of equipment, donated by the National Housing Trust (NHT), were handed over to the institution yesterday (May 5), by the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Aloun Ndombet-Assamba.
Mrs. Assamba said that the presentation of the Information Technology (IT) equipment to the school was an act of appreciation to the Golden Grove community for hosting the former President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide.
“It was a year ago when the Prime Minister and I had a discussion as to where in Jamaica we could house Mr. Aristide from Haiti. Once the offer had been given that we would allow him to stay in the country until a final destination was arranged for him, I told the Prime Minister that I knew of a perfect place and so I came to Golden Grove in the Buelah Park community and walked from house to house, explaining to the residents what was about to happen, and they were extremely supportive and welcoming,” she said.
The Minister said that the act of kindness shown by the community members during the period could not be overstressed, as Mr. Aristide was well received.
“We thought of what could be done to thank the community for hosting Mr. Aristide and the idea came up that we wanted to do something for the schools in the area to build education and so we approached the National Housing Trust to provide the financing for 10 computers and they kindly agreed to fund the project,” she said.
Giving details of the distribution of the 10 computers within the area, Mrs. Assamba noted that the Lydford Preparatory School received 3, the Golden Grove All-age School received 5 and the remaining 2 were given to the Golden Grove Learning Centre.
She appealed to the students at the institution to seize the opportunity to become literate and numerate, as JAMAL was there to help them to become productive citizens in the society.

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