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Plans are afoot to use the Eleven Miles Community Centre and the Llandewey Community Development Centre in St. Thomas to provide computer training for students and adults in the communities.
A proposal for the initiative has been submitted to the Community Management Committee of the HEART Trust/Social Development Commission (SDC) Training Programme.
Chairman of the Yallahs Development Area Committee, Howard Shepherd made the disclosure at a recent Yallahs Development Area Council meeting, held at the Eleven Miles Community Centre in Yallahs, St. Thomas.In an interview with JIS News, Mr. Shepherd said the project would have a “significant impact” in transforming the lives of persons in the parish.
“Eleven Miles is the gateway to St. Thomas and it is poised for a major economic transformation,” he said.He noted that several projects were underway in the parish, citing the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) Re-forestation Programme, aimed at improving soil conservation; and the planting of trees on the north east section of the Yallahs watershed area.
Currently, he said, farmers in the area were preparing the land to plant trees, such as Otaheite Apple, Rose Apple, Pimento, Ackee, Naseberry, Cedar and Mahogany.Other projects include the SDC’s welding programme at the Heartease community centre, where the first batch of participants are about to graduate; and upgrading of the centre funded by Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).
“Residents must make themselves available to take advantage of these opportunities, because they only happen once in a lifetime,” Mr. Shepherd said.

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