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The Government is to spend $23 million to construct a fishing complex at Jamworld on the Dyke Road in Portmore, St. Catherine, to accommodate fish vendors who currently ply their trade on the Portmore Causeway.
Dr. Wayne Reid, Managing Director of the National Road Operating Constructing Company (NROCC), informed JIS News that due to a “multiplicity of factors”, including the need to extend Highway 2000 along the Causeway, as well as public health, sanitation, traffic hazard and aesthetic issues, the vendors have to be removed.
He informed that the vendors have responded very well to the proposed relocation and that the company has received tender bids for the construction of the complex. The bids have been forwarded to the National Contracts Commission for its approval to make an award.
The NROCC advertised a few weeks ago, inviting contractors to bid for the construction of the proposed fishing complex in Portmore.Dr. Reid emphasised that no living accommodations would be provided for the vendors, but that the facility would be a village, which would be used for the storage and sale of fish.
He pointed out that the period for the construction of the facility would be eight weeks.
The proposed fishing complex will be safer and more convenient for the vendors and shoppers, with better sanitary facilities, including bathrooms and disposal areas. Over the past two decades, fish vending along the Causeway has increased, to the extent that at times, especially on weekends, a section of the main road, near the bridge, has become a drive-through fish market for patrons coming from Kingston and Portmore.
The NROCC has said that this worsening situation has attracted considerable adverse public comments, and despite several announcements to address the issue, the number of fishers and vendors has continued to grow.
In respect to the Causeway being used as part of Highway 2000, it is deemed impractical for vendors to remain, since vehicles will not be allowed to stop on the highway for vending purposes.

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