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A soup feeding programme for the inmates of golden age homes and infirmaries has been set up by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Juici Patties, Jukie Chin, and his wife Edith.
“It was dreamt up by my wife, Edith, and implemented by our employees. It actually sees us visiting every infirmary and golden age home in Jamaica throughout the year with our soup,” the CEO told JIS News in an interview.
“This is more than just giving, as we could just send the money for them to buy soup or to make their own, but we intentionally use our employees to go out and to physically feed the residents. This brings a sense of appreciation that sometimes in life we may think we are in a bad position, but there are persons who are in far worse positions than us, and thus we as a people can appreciate ourselves more by helping the less fortunate,” he added.
Mr. Chin, whose headquarters is located at Clarendon Park in Clarendon, told JIS News that the company was also involved in other community projects.
“We sponsor football competitions, netball, table tennis, school challenge quiz and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) heritage debate competition,” he noted.
Since the beginning of the year, members of staff have visited three infirmaries.
“We intend to visit all the infirmaries and golden age homes in Jamaica by June,” Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator for Juici Patties, Jennifer Barrett told JIS News.
She noted that there was great satisfaction in volunteering for the project. “It is really difficult to explain the feeling that you get from feeding the elderly,” she added.
More than 2,100 persons living in infirmaries and golden age homes will benefit from the soup feeding programme this year.
The institutions to be visited for the rest of the year are: Portland, St. Thomas and St. Mary infirmaries (February); Kingston’s Marie Atkins Night Shelter, George Abraham’s Home and Stella Maris Activity Centre (March); St. Catherine Infirmary and St. Monica’s Home (March); Robbie’s Residence, Scott’s Residence, Clarendon Infirmary and Manchester Infirmary (April); Curphey Home, New Brouchron and Westmoreland Infirmary (May); and St. James Infirmary, City Spirit, Senior Day Activity Centre and Trelawny Infirmary (June).

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