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Commissioner of Police, Lucius Thomas, has emphasised that community policing is the way forward to effectively deal with the fight against crime and violence in Jamaica.
Addressing Jamaican nationals in South Florida at a town hall meeting on June 15 at the Miramar City Hall, Commissioner Thomas said that efforts were being made to build trust and confidence between the citizens and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
He said this was vital in the sharing of information to assist in the fight against crime and violence.On the issue of dealing with corruption in the JCF, the Commissioner pointed out that since early last year, more than 60 members have been found guilty of corruption and have been removed from the Force. He said that the establishment of the Professional Standards Branch and the assistance of citizens have allowed for the effective policing of corruption.
Mr. Thomas told the large audience of nationals that in order to enhance the intelligence base for collecting vital information, almost 19 police units have been equipped with the necessary information, which will be put in the national database to help create the best available investigative techniques.
In making strides to cripple the illegal drug trade, the Commissioner said that the successful efforts of Operation Kingfish have dealt a severe blow to the cocaine trade. However, the Commissioner informed that during the past year, some 5,000 tons of marijuana were removed from the streets, indicating that the illegal drug trade, the gun trade and the work of highly organized gangs, were still a problem.
To continue partnering with international law enforcement agencies to combat crime and violence, the Commissioner has extended an invitation to members of the Miramar Police Force to visit with the JCF in sharing information gathering and best practice measures.
In his welcome remarks, Consul General, Ricardo Allicock challenged the Diaspora to work with the Jamaica Constabulary Force to effect changes in the fight against crime and violence.
Pointing to the significant number of deportees and arrests recorded in the Jamaican-populated communities overseas, the Consul General urged persons to be law-abiding and respectful in their daily encounters.
On June 16, Commissioner Thomas was also the special guest at the annual fund-raising and scholarship awards banquet of the Jamaica Ex-Police Association, Florida chapter, at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Davie.He commended members of the Florida chapter for their commitment and dedication to their annual renovation programme of police stations undertaken across the island.
The Florida chapter of the Jamaica Ex-Police Association was started nearly 16 years ago and has an enrolment of nearly 130 members, all former officers of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Other chapters are established in New York and Connecticut.

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