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    State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Michael Stern, has announced plans for the establishment of eight community access points (CAP) in his constituency of North West Clarendon, to facilitate internet access by residents.
    The establishment of the CAPs is expected to coincide with plans to effect improvements to the postal network in the area, which Mr. Stern said, will be undertaken over the next two years. Included in this initiative is the construction of a new post office and library at the Frankfield town centre.
    Making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate at Gordon House on Tuesday (June 17), Mr. Stern said he has held discussions with the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications regarding the establishment of the CAPs, which should go a far way in enhancing the lives of the residents.
    “This will enable further empowerment by equipping constituents with the tools to communicate, research and importantly, explore entrepreneurial alternatives, which will provide a boost to business activities, and provide opportunities for e-commerce throughout the whole community,” the State Minister outlined.
    On another matter, Mr. Stern said he will be working with the Clarendon Parish Council and other agencies to improve facilities and parks throughout the constituency. He advised that the park in Spaldings has been earmarked for renovation with new fixtures, sanitary conveniences, and a shed for vendors, are among the amenities to be put in place.
    Mr. Stern also informed the House that he was in discussion with the Parish Council and Lift Up Jamaica regarding the completion of work on the Spaldings market.

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