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A 25-member Committee has been formed in Clarendon to take advantage of the opportunities to be offered during Cricket World Cup 2007.
Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown and Chairman of the Committee, told JIS News that as one of the activities, the committee has been encouraging persons to join the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ programme, which will provide for visitors to the island.
“We are thinking that us being only 45 minutes away from Sabina Park and one hour and 20 minutes away from Greenfield in Trelawny, that we have an advantage, in that persons who are with us in the parish can get to these venues in pretty good time and we think that we need to take advantage of that,” Mayor Brown said.
According to the Mayor, Cricket World Cup 2007 also presented the opportunity to showcase the parish as part of the south coast tourism package.
“We think that the south coast is almost virgin country and we want to use World Cup 2007 as a launching pad for tourism, south coast style, and we’re preparing for that. We recognize that there are a number of things that we have to do and we started our own beautification long before we contemplated World Cup and we have made some progress as far as that is concerned. I think that World Cup Cricket 2007 just gave us another opportunity to improve on what we have to make the parish, and in particular the corridors of the parish, beautiful,” he said.
The beautification drive, he said, involved completing the upgrading of Independence Park in the heart of May Pen, work already well underway on the Bustamante Highway/Glenmuir Road intersection, work being done in the Kellits, Thompson Town, and Mitchell Town communities and a major project being undertaken with Juici Patties, the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) and the South Coast Resort Board, to beautify the Mineral Heights roundabout.
Mr. Brown noted that the parish would be hosting the World Cup Mascot on August 19 at three stops – Juici Patties headquarters in Clarendon Park, in the town of May Pen, and at Quarry’s Caf

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