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Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, has called on correctional officers and the wider public to support Government’s new measures to fight crime.
“We solicit your support for the new measures, which were recently outlined by the Prime Minister. We can’t be resistant to changes, but want changes at the same time. We in the Government are determined that crime levels must go down, and we readily admit that we need your support, and the support of every Jamaican. If we do this, we can both bring down the crime rate, and bring criminals to justice, at the same time,” he stated.
Senator MacMillan was addressing the Department of Correctional Services’ national honours and award ceremony for long service and good conduct at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston today (July 30).
He noted that new ways will have to be found to nab perpetrators of crime, and the use of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and other forensic technologies will have to be applied in the police’s work to find criminals.
In the meantime, the National Security Minister commended the correctional officers and other staff of the Department for adhering to the task of nation-building.
“Your task in the Department of Correctional Service could not by any means be deemed as inconsequential. The service you offer is critical to the maintenance of law and order in this country. It is you who have to play a pivotal role in keeping our correctional facilities calm, even in troubled times. Only you really know how it feels to be wrestling with dangerous inmates,” he stated.
Forty-two persons were honoured for their service to the Department and good conduct, with first bar medals of honour for meritorious service going to: Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, in charge of Human Resource Management and Community Service, Aileen Wolfe-Stephens; Deputy Commissioner of Corrections with responsibility for Custodial Services, June Spence Jarrett; and Director of Community Services, Shirley Johnson.